• The bird will not to be used for slaughter, breeding, fighting or exhibit.

  • The bird will be adopted as a companion bird not a production bird (ie.
    eggs-for-profit or breeding)

  • The bird is to be provided proper care including food, water, shelter, protection from predators, fresh air and exercise, companionship and veterinary care for injury or illness as for any other companion animal.

  • You will allow Chicken Run Rescue to examine or make inquiries at any time.
    If health and well-being is being jeopardized the bird will be returned to Chicken Run Rescue immediately.

  • If you are no longer able to keep the bird for any reason, the bird is to be returned to Chicken Run Rescue.

  • You will agree to comply with the laws and ordinances enforced in the state and municipality in which the Adopter resides.

  • No one in the household/property where this Animal will reside has been charged with or convicted of animal abuse.